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Colonial Kedgeree recipe

great meall for all times of the day – must be the first ever fusion cuisine


Each sip of gin and tonic does me good.

With every chilled slurp of quinine goodness, I feel the threat of malaria fade. It also reminds me that we are living in the modern world; with a G and T in hand, I feel a tang of regret that I don’t live as an Englishman in the time of the Raj.

Oh how I would have revelled in the relentless heat of India, days spent playing polo and cricket, evenings at the club swilling IPA from a bent tankard. Of course a medicinal G and T would never be far from my paw and a rip snorting curry would be still tangy and sweet on my lips.

When in this nostalgic mood, I invariably turn to the stove and create the indulgent and warming showstopper of the Raj – Kedgeree.



3 banana shallots

1 tbs Cayenne pepper, curry…

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