Cook at home, it’s bloody easy!


The weekend is a time to show off one’s culinary skills to pals or loved ones – even the busiest of us can find enough time to create something interesting.

Even though there is a galaxy of celebrity chefs offering us simpler versions of sophisticated recipes, I find the irrational fear of many Londoners to cook a basic meal perplexing and sad.

All too often I see perfectly sane people perusing the aisles of Waitroses and other supermarkets, succumbing to the seduction of their exquisite sounding ready meals. Either that or they clutch a box of eggs, ready to jump onto the safety boat named omelette.

As a chef, I am lucky enough to know how to cook meals from scratch – so I find what may be tricky to most, is a piece of cake or a boeuf wellington to me!

That said, I am equally aware that though…

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