Is Barnes or Woodward shortsighted?

This is not about deceit at all but it is an interesting insight into how one can build a myth on a mistake.

I dont know whether Stuart Barnes or Sir Clive Woodward got this correct but they cant both be correct. Both excellent columinists were writing about the magical England France rugby international on Saturday.

Barnes wrote about George Ford’s “moment of magic” when, he threw the ball into a line-out on his own five yard line to Jonathan Joseph, a decision that resulted in a try at the other end. Ford was, said Barnes, “brave and brilliant” and he spent the first part of his article focusing on this example.

If you turn to the Mail on Sunday, you will find Sir Clive Woodward saying that Ben Youngs was the “catalyst for everything good.” He said that “if you look at the replay today, you will see that it was Youngs who took the quick surprise lineout throw right back on his line.” It was, he said, “inspired play.”

Having watched the game, I have no doubt that both were inspired – but am equally sure that only one of them took the throw in.

Monday – It looks as if Barnes was correct. Sir Clive’s excellent commentary in today’s Daily Mail give Ford the credit for the throw in.


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