More on Osborne, Balls and post-election deals

No sooner had I sent out my blog on the performances of Osborne and Balls on coalition deals with the SNP than Ed Miliband announces that there will be no arrangemen of this type with the SNP.

In this blog I am not concerned about the merits or otherwise of  coalitions but what is being disguised by language. So, apart from noting that Miliband has said something rather different today from Sunday’s comments by Balls, the key is to look at exactly Miliband said.

“There are big differences between us on a whole range of issues, not just on the integrity of the UK and another referendum but on fair funding between the countries of the UK and fair taxes. In repeating this claim, the Conservatives and David Cameron are simply trying to scare people. Labour will not go into coalition with the SNP.”

This of course does not preclude any other form of arrangement – Nicola Sturgeon has suggested the SNP could stop the Tories forming a government. Seems to me that Miliband has ruled only the fullest of coalitions.

And while we are on dodgy phrases, I was amused to see Tory chairman Grant Shapps say he “screwed up” in a recent interview when he suggested incorrectly that he never had a “second job” while an MP. He should have left it there. Nut he could not resist adding that the responded “over firmly” to the question.

Well, that’s a new word for the lexicon of deception. He has made a deceptin out of what looked for a moment as if it was an honest admission.


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